We're a finalist! For the Academy of Handmade Awards...

This week has been one of good news here at LwD!

We learned a few months ago that we had been nominated for the Academy of Handmade Awards, an annual awards ceremony thrown by the Academy of Handmade in Los Angelos, CA.

This week, we found out we're a finalist in our Category for Leather Design- so very thrilled!

While we won't be able to make it to LA ourselves to attend the Awards, we are really honored to be a finalist and would love to encourage other handcrafted artists to check out more about this organization. With multiple chapters on the West Coast and a robust network of collaborators, artisans, and sponsors, they are quickly building an amazing community for those of us looking to connect via our passion for the handcrafted and our entrepreneurial spirits. 

Fingers crossed! The awards are in LA on March 7th- if you're out there, snag your tickets here. Otherwise, keep sending us positive thoughts for a win over the next few weeks!

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