Artifactory Collection Launch at the Parliament Collections 2015 Debut + Art.Downtown

So it's been a long time coming, and with only two weeks until launch, I'm proud to officially announce our collection release of the Artifactory Collection! What's more? We're co-launching with Adventure Textiles and Harbinger Leather Design for a Parliament Collections 2015 Debut at Art.Dowtown 2015 on April 10th, at Parliament the Boutique! I am so very excited to share the work I've been doing with everyone, as well as support the work of two of the dearest fellow makers in my life.

Join us on April 10th from 5pm-11pm for the Parliament Collections 2015 Debut + Art.Dowtown, at our boutique headquarters of Parliament on the Avenue for the Arts!

Join us on April 10th from 5pm-11pm for the Parliament Collections 2015 Debut + Art.Dowtown, at our boutique headquarters of Parliament on the Avenue for the Arts!

Releasing a new collection this year has been a top priority for Littlewings Designs and for Elyse Marie as the artist and human behind the brand. The process of creating a collection is so important as a maker for so many reasons. It's a catharsis of creativity, a physical compilation and detritus of our whirling daily thoughts as problem solvers and dreamers. It's also a direct result of the everyday problems we're solving as designers and makers- creating useful and beautiful objects to appease the senses and satisfy their purpose, as a unified aesthetic presentation.

Of late, Parliament itself has been a driving inspiration in my work, being it's the project I've been so focused upon. Collaborative touches are the key to the Artifactory Collection- using fabrics from Megan Shay's Adventure Textiles, taking cues from Jake's simplicity of design and efficiency of execution that he achieves with Harbinger Leather Design. Having the opportunity to problem solve collaboratively with Team Parliament is also leading to a stronger, better, more beautiful product- I can perfect my construction and lines before I ever launch a product publicly, helping ensure that I only bring my best work to the table.

Artifactory has also been inspired by my own grappling with my life as a designer. Personally, I have been at this for five years, am getting married this summer, and have now launched two businesses that I currently run and operate. I have come a long way since the college girl that started a business with a LLC and an Etsy shop! It's finally starting to feel really real, this designer's life I've built, and I've been trying to find the voice of Littlewings Designs as I grow up from the girl who was always looking elsewhere for the next adventure, and into a woman who is focused on manifesting contentment and roots within her current space and situation. 

What is that voice then? It comes back to the roots of what I do, why I make things- because I believe in making things that are going to last a really long time, that you will cherish. In short, I want to create the artifacts of your life. The things you see in antique shops 100 years after they were made, the objects and tools, really, that your grandmother carried and passed down to you. My new collection is a tribute to this- inspired by vintage forms and utilitarianism, with a frontier feel.

As a part of Team Parliament, my day-to-day life is the adventure now. We are pioneers in this handcrafted life- we as entreprenuers and makers are forging a new path, living a life with no map. We are looking to make the Artifacts that you carry when there may be no path before you, and are surely leaving history in your wake.

Many thanks for your support of my journey as a maker and a human. I hope to see you on April 10th at Parliament, from 5pm-11pm!