Five Years, Still Soaring

Hello friends!

For those of you who are new to Littlewings, welcome; for all our old friends and fans, I must say it's good to be back. Our blog has been on a long-term hiatus, and with a new website that puts our best feathers forward, we're excited to say that we're getting back to the story-telling once more.

We recently celebrated a pretty big birthday here, and that is that we've been in the business of handcrafted leather goods for five year. It's been really surreal to consider I've been at it this long, and to everyone who has been a supporter, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

The last couple years, I have focused a lot of my attention on launching the collaborative boutique and studio, Parliament the Boutique, as I put down roots with Littlewings Designs in Grand Rapids, and started to let them grow. Parliament has been incredibly rewarding and very successful, and has definitely evolved- meaning a lot of my time has been taken up building this new collective platform, and not as much has been put towards Littlewings. However, it has also allowed me to build a long-term strategy with partners that I trust, and is putting Littlewings Designs onto a long-term path of sustainability and success.

With Parliament growing strong, I'm feeling creatively ready to tackle all the new challenges in store as Littlewings Designs soars to the next level. 2015 is bringing a lot of new changes for LwD- a new website, new collaborations, new markets and events, and a new collection, to name a few.

Thanks for sticking with us these past five years. Looking forward to the next 50 with y'all!