A Magnolia Feature- full of Wonder + Gratitude!

This weekend, I am filled with gratitude and wonder as I begin by SEVENTH holiday season of owning Littlewings Designs. Lately, I've been waking up and pinching myself, that this is literally my life. I get to make amazing things that I am passionate about, my business allows me to live my beliefs in my everyday work, and I am blessed to wake up everyday with my amazing husband, Jake, and can roll over and tell him about the latest bag or home-product I dreamt of- how amazing is that?!

This past year has been one of tremendous growth and change for Littlewings Designs, as I have brought my work to new shows, stream-lined my wholesale production, and even went back to my roots to dabble in making clothes once more. Plus, I created a new collection, the Fractal Collection, and pushed the boundaries on my home-goods offerings to new shapes and styles- which brings me to the biggest leap of all.

This past week, I had a huge milestone. The Triangle Snap Everything Catch-All was featured in the Holiday Gift Guide of the Winter Quarter Edition of the Magnolia Journal- HOLY COW!!!, not to make too much of a leather-pun. I am beyond amazed at this wonderful opportunity and honor, to be featured in such a widely renowned publication. Plus, I love Joanna and Chip Gaines, and the transparency, honesty, and genuine joy they bring to all of their work and projects- they are such a role-model to all of us small business owners and DIY makers, forging their own trail in the modern-maker life.


I first found out about the feature when my mother-in-law and sister-in-law both texted me after receiving their copies of the journal in the mail, and I had no idea I had been featured! I had sent the editors images way back in May after they had requested them via my Etsy shop, but had never heard more and had completely forgotten about it until I got those texts. Then, the Internet started freaking out- friends posting images on my FB of their copies of the journal with my work in their gift-guide, our Instagram following began to climb, and other publications have been requesting to feature the catch-alls as well!

This is the first time I've ever been able to walk into a grocery store, buy a magazine off the news-stand, and flip it open to see my product on its pages- and wow what a rush that is! I almost cried in the middle of Meijer, and definitely did a happy-dance that caused all sorts of weird stares. 

The theme of this quarter's Magnolia Journal is Wonder. Joanna Gaines says it perfectly in her Letter from the Editor in the beginning of the journal- "Wonder... is in the unexpected moments... it can be a confusing virtue because it's defined differently by each of us, and many assume that is only comes easily to children. But I say: Let's reclaim it for ourselves. I'm learning that wonder is ours for the taking, so long as we're willing to pause and acknowledge its presence."

This "holiday" weekend- with all its foibles, issues of consumption, and dirty and less-tan-honorable origins- is at the end of the day, a time to take pause and acknowledge. Acknowledge the wonder of life, of blessings, of truth, of factual history (or herstory, in my book), and above all, the wonder of love and family. Regardless of our own backgrounds, we are surrounded by the wonder of Love, and can extend that far beyond just our Thanksgiving tables, promotions, and sales this weekend. We show it in how we do business, our commitments to creating kind goods, and in working with our customers with transparency and grace. But we also can show that love by extending grace and empathy beyond our immediate family, and to our full, human web of family, all around us. We are all made of the same star-dust, cut in the same image of divinity, no matter our heritage or origins- and that is indeed, the most wonder-full knowledge of all.

In celebration of this Wonder and in thanks for the amazing support of our fans, we're offering a Wonder-Deal this weekend on our Etsy shop and website. With any order of an Everything Snap Catch-All, either triangle or square shaped, we will include a FREE Itty-Bitty Catch-All with your purchase. No coupon codes, no confusion over sales or deals- just a simple thank-you for showing your support, and a bit of wonder we can add to your gift.

Many thanks again, to all of our friends, fans, family, shops, retailers, and websites that have supported LwD and all our adventures over the past many years. Without all of you, this beautiful and Wonder-filled life that I get to lead would not be possible- and I am eternally grateful!