A Magnolia Feature- full of Wonder + Gratitude!

The Everything Triangle Catch-All was featured in this quarter's edition of the Magnolia Journal- and we are filled with wonder and gratitude! Hop over to our website or Etsy shop this weekend, and with any order of a snap Everything Catch-All, triangle or square, receive a FREE Itty-Bitty Catch-All with your purchase- a thank-you from us for all your wonderful support of these many years!

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Your Best Year: Section One

"Lisa Jacobs challenges you to brainstorm what big dreams you would tackle if you knew you could not fail, and then utilizing her step-by-step breakdown, guides you through writing an action plan for making one of them your utmost goal and seeing it through to completion. For me, this was the part that put all the pieces together and led to my list of 2016 goals for my business. "

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New Year, New Moon, New Horizons

I am willing this blog space to be an open and honest sharing about this life as a maker, dreamer, sister, wife, and last-but-not-least, creative micro-business owner. While I need to write for my sanity and will do it regardless of the whether anyone is listening, I know now that many people are- I invite you to listen and join me on this journey this year!

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LwD Summer Tour + Renegade Craft Fair

It's that time again, when Littlewings Designs heads out into West Michigan and Beyond for our Summer Tour! Join us each weekend in June for a different fair, with our final destination and crowning jewel being The Renegade Craft Fair Chicago Pop-Up, June 27th and 28th!

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Artifactory Collection is Live!

I'm very excited and happy to report that the Artifactory Collection is now live and up here in the shop! It's been an epic marathon the last couple months of taking this collection from idea to reality, and I'm so grateful for everyone that came out last week for our Parliament Collections Debut last weekend to celebrate the work in person, as well as everyone who has been following our flights here online. 

This particular batch of goods is the first of four color-ways I will be releasing for this collection throughout 2015. I also will be adding new items each time, so stay tuned to see the rest of the goods that are in the works. 

So, without further ado...

The Artifactory Collection: Season 1

Artifactory Collection Launch at the Parliament Collections 2015 Debut + Art.Downtown

Littlewings Designs is releasing a new collection, and we're delighted to finally announce and share our inspiration with you! Thanks for all your support, and hope to see you on April 10th at Parliament the Boutique!

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