Do you make everything by yourself!?

Heavens, no! While I do craft every bag and the majority of the commissions for custom colorways and sizes, I couldn't keep up with all of the making by myself. The Parliament team assists in making wholesale batches and production of small goods. That said, when it comes to the business of Littlewings Designs, I am still a one woman show!

What are your hours of communication?

I try to answer emails within 72 hours of receiving them, but remember that since I'm a one woman operation, I receive an overwhelming amount of communication. As both the maker and the business-woman, there are some days that must be dedicated to uninterrupted studio time. I typically answer emails Monday-Friday between 8am and 6pm EST. If you are emailing in regards to a web order or a wholesale order, I will return your email the following business day.

I want to discuss my work, an event, or a collaboration with Littlewings Designs. How do I get in touch?

Please email and I'd happily set up an appointment to meet with you. I'm always looking for new ways to collaborate and network with fellow makers, movers, and shakers!

I would like to be fit for bespoke leather goods from you. How should I proceed?

Please email me at, and I'd be happy to schedule a fitting with you at the Littlewings Designs showroom, Parliament the Boutique, in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

I am interested in matching products for a wedding or other event. How do I make that happen?

I'd love to be a part of your big day or your special event. I love working on pieces that are filled with meaning, and am happy to create bespoke shoes, matching dyed goods, gifts, and other accoutrements for you and your wedding party. Please email with details and we can schedule an appointment for further discussion!

Do you offer personalization and monogramming on your leather goods?

Why yes, of course! Please let me know via email what type of monogramming or lettering you would like, and I'd be happy to make it happen. I also offer custom laser-engraving services for business logos, family crests, and wedding parties- please contact me at for more information.

Do you take on custom work?

For the most part, no. My time is highly booked making the bags and other products for Littlewings Designs, so doing custom work and creating totally new designs for a single bag simply isn't possible. That said, I am interested in collaborative projects and other unique showcase opportunities, so please email if you're a fellow maker or story-teller with a vision to share!

What is the difference between bespoke and custom work?

Bespoke work are bags, shoes, and other goods which a maker has created and offers on a made-to-measure/order basis for clients. Clients get to have individual measurements taken and/or utilized, and choose from my available color palette of leathers.
Custom work are projects where the client has come up with the idea or sketch, and wants to have a maker or artisan execute the construction of the piece. This type of work is highly time consuming and resource intense, as it is essentially prototyping a new product but expecting a polished final result for the client. Due to these difficulties, Littlewings Designs does not take on custom orders at this time.

Do you repair/alter leather bags, shoes, or garments?

Like custom work, repair and alterations work is a lengthy and difficult process that there simply isn't room for in the Littlewings Designs production schedule. I do not take on repairs or alterations.

Do you do corporate gifts or other business to business work?

I certainly do! Via the Parliament Team, I am happy to create gifts and products tailored to your business and/or event needs, and am capable of large batch orders as well. Please email me at for more information.