Littlewings Designs is a handcrafted accessories brand, with products created individually out of the finest leathers and 100% organic hemp. The handcraft tradition and the spirit of adventure are at the heart and soul of each Littlewings Designs piece- all of the pieces are created when ordered in a small-scale studio production setting, and are made to last wherever your journeys may take you.

Each piece is individually numbered to reflect its uniqueness and handcrafted nature. Typically, most Littlewings Designs products are produced in runs of 20. Pieces are numbered in the tradition of artists' prints; for example:


The first number represents the individual product number within that run. The second number is the number of piece within that run (standard is 20 pieces for the LWD studios). The third is which run number that particular piece happens to fall within. 

At the end of each production run, each product is carefully evaluated based upon sustainability, customer feedback, and over all function. Did it hold up? Were there suggestions for improvements upon the design from our customers? We there more efficient ways to attain the same result with less waste? These questions are carefully debated, and then implemented into the new run. If a product is a limited edition item or has too many flaws, it is no longer produced.

Littlewings Designs seeks to be as sustainable as possible, hence another benefit and reason for small studio production on a limited scale. All materials that aren't leather are made of natural materials and are all naturally dyed- no synthetic dyes, plastics, or polyester materials. We continuously are working to source the best quality in organic, natural, and top-quality materials. Many of the natural dyes are harvested from the forests of our friends and family.  Fabrics and yarn are dyed the old-fashioned way, boiling atop a stove and drying on the line. 

Some of our products are created in out of found, up-cycled, and recycled materials. We rescue old sheets, those beautiful doilies your grandmother made, little tables, stools, tatting, buttons and other lovelies that strike our fancy. We then dye them and make them into new things, making the old new again. Recycling is part of our commitment to the earth, and while it takes time to find the best materials in this way, it's worth the effort to save things from heading to a landfill.

In short, it is a labor of love. There is a quality and emotion of the handcraft tradition that stands the test of time, and it is for this that Littlewings Designs seeks to attain. Whether it be the dependable shoes your feet always seek for comfort, a soft wool hat to keep you warm when the snows fly, or the cherished wallet that is handed down from father to son, our pieces are meant to be timeless fashion, not the fad of the day. We have found them to be. We think you will too.