Littlewings Designs is a handcrafted lifestyle brand of playful and practical goods and accessories,  dedicated to small production, artisan details, and timeless quality. Founded in 2010 by me, Elyse Marie Welcher, Littlewings Designs is the distillation of my style via the things I like to make and use everyday; a combination of fun, useful, and built to last goods, all of which make life a little more comfortable, a little more playful, and always a bit more colorful.


We strive to minimize waste and reduce our impact on the planet by utilizing long-lasting materials and working on a small-scale production basis. Some items- wallets, catch-alls, and cuffs, for a few examples- are best produced in small batches. Other items, such as the handbags and shoes, are individually made to order by me. We practice our craft in this manner to give each order the individual love and attention it deserves, cut our materials with minimal waste, and work as efficiently as possible. 


Littlewings was originally a nickname and began as my explorations in design as I launched my career is fashion and products. I have been creating in every medium I can get my hands on for most of my life, learning to sew when I was seven, and found my true passion in leather working while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. I loved manipulating leather, the beautiful colors that can be sourced, the amazing textures... and I also was seeking something I had yet to see in the world of accessories. Why was everything either designer and so utterly manufactured, or rustic brown with army green? Where was the color? Where was the play? Where was the fun? And so, Littlewings Designs was born. Over the years, the products that have stuck around are frankly, the ones I love to use in my everyday and creative life. The hip pocket belt, the catch-alls, the coasters- these items are always at my fingertips in my day to day. And nothing brings me more joy, than to share these things with all of you!