Littlewings Designs is a handcrafted accessory line dedicated to small production, artisan details, and timeless quality. We believe that form and function can and should mutually coexist in pleasant harmony, and strive for this design ideal in our work.  By utilizing the best craftsmanship and quality natural materials, we are making goods that mature with age and last a lifetime.


We strive to minimize waste and reduce our impact on the planet by utilizing long-lasting materials and working on a small-scale production basis. Some items- wallets, catch-alls, and cuffs, for a few examples- are best produced in small batches. Other items, such as the handbags and shoes, are primarily made-to-order. We practice our craft in this manner to give each order the individual attention it deserves, cut our materials with minimal waste, and work as efficiently as possible. 



My name is Elyse Marie, and I'm the owner and designer behind Littlewings Designs. I'm a born and raised Michigander, a child of the Great Lakes, forest adventures, handcrafted traditions, and living small.  Artisan craft is my life passion- I have been sewing since I was seven years old,  and growing up pursued art in all mediums  before landing at the Savannah College of Art and Design . My love for the handcrafted process and belief in quality products led me to major in Accessory Design. Upon graduating in 2010, I launched my line Littlewings Designs and returned home to Grand Rapids, Michigan. In staying local and putting down roots in my hometown, I am honored to be revitalizing our local craft tradition and forging a trail with my fellow creatives for a life of honest labor and artful living.