Littlewings is Magic.

She is the magic inside each and every one of us. She is the spirit of the wild and driven woman, who always flies to the highest heights, in pursuit of her dreams and her goals. She is the hard-worker and the goal-setter, the mover and shaker, the gal who knows in her heart and leads with her heart, for both herself and for those she loves. Fierce yet gentle, Littlewings is that woman within ourselves who always encourages, that little voice of inner strength and perseverance that never quits. She is her own Littlewings, living life by her rules. She knows what she wants, what she likes, and is never afraid to shake her tail feathers and express her creative self.

And we are all this woman! We are all striving to do our best our lives, creatively and consciously creating the life we love. Littlewings is in all of us... she is each and every one of us, waking up each day and going forth with joy and purpose, ready to spread our wings and take on another day of his crazy, messy beautiful life.

Littlewings is the woman who knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to have fun. She's always looking for a practical solution, but isn't willing to sacrifice style in the process; she loves shape, color, and unique designs that stand out from the crowd! She is the the power-babe career woman, snagging her trusty bag on the way out the door to hold all her essentials throughout her day; she is the everyday adventurer, wearing her hip pocket belt as she browses at the market and runs her errands; she is the organizing mom, providing colorful catch-alls to organize a busy family's clutter. She seeks accessories that bring practical value to her world, while also bringing joy!

Littlewings is also me, Elyse Marie, the owner and designer behind Littlewings Designs. I was dubbed Littlewings as a nickname in college, and was told I was little and give people wings; the name stuck around and became a fitting name for the spirit of my work. I'm a born and raised Michigander, a child of the Great Lakes, a believer in creative-living, big dreams, and flying as high as the winds will take you for them to come true.  Artisan craft is my life passion- I have been sewing since I was seven years old,  and growing up pursued art in all mediums  before landing at the Savannah College of Art and Design . My love for the handcrafted process, working with leather, and belief in quality products led me to major in Accessory Design.  I launched my line Littlewings Designs as my senior capstone, after not seeing the type of leatherwork I wanted out there in the fashion world; why was everything Hermes or Harley? Where was the fun, the quality, and the practicality?  I returned home to Grand Rapids, Michigan, shortly after launching Littlewings Designs, to put down roots in my hometown and blaze a trail with my fellow creatives in this new handcrafted life. I'm proud to be part of a vibrant creative community, and am always ready to make a mess and try something  fun and new. When I'm not sewing, running my shop Parliament, or hustling at another craft show, you can usually find me dancing and stretching, eating my umpteenth bowl of mac n' cheese for the week,  or playing with my fluffy cats.